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2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovadd security-tracker button
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovadd a button showung buildd logs
2012-01-10 Damyan Ivanovadd a button for querying DDPO
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovnew button for searching mailing lists by msgid
2009-03-05 Damyan Ivanovdrop hover versions, use larger fonts normally 0.6
2009-03-05 Damyan Ivanovhover buttons with larger text
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd .deb lookup button
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd new PTS lookup button 0.3
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd gimp source for bts button image