descriptionMoLe -- an Android frontend to hledger-web
ownerDamyan Ivanov
last changeThu, 17 Sep 2020 13:26:37 +0000 (13:26 +0000)
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovdrop unused empty style master
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovbetter shadow under main header in dark mode
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovtransaction list always starts with the date of the...
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovstore new currencies upon account amounts storage
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovfix storing/retrieval of currency position
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovreplace local utility functions with ones from TextUtils
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovdrop done TODO: transaction level comment
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovupdate
18 hours ago Damyan Ivanovfix transaction_accounts in create_db.sql
40 hours ago Damyan Ivanovfix spurious fetch of remote data
40 hours ago Damyan Ivanovfix many lint errors/warnings
42 hours ago Damyan Ivanovdisable some annoying debug
42 hours ago Damyan Ivanovmajor rework of parsed transaction/descriptions/account...
11 days ago Damyan Ivanovbump gradle version to 4.0.1
11 days ago Damyan Ivanovstatic Logger reference
11 days ago Damyan Ivanovaddress nullability warning
2 months ago v0.14.1
3 months ago v0.14.0
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9 months ago v0.11.0
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17 months ago v0.9.3
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17 months ago v0.9
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