load transaction list from DB upon activity start
[mobile-ledger.git] / app / src / main / java / net / ktnx / mobileledger / TransactionListActivity.java
2018-12-22 Damyan Ivanovload transaction list from DB upon activity start
2018-12-22 Damyan Ivanovcancelable transaction refresh
2018-12-22 Damyan Ivanovlet the model hold the (single) transaction list
2018-12-21 Damyan Ivanovsave a method call
2018-12-21 Damyan Ivanovextract a string into resource
2018-12-21 Damyan Ivanovleave progress bar there, just hidden
2018-12-20 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2018-12-20 Damyan Ivanovmore straight-forward updating of the text representing...
2018-12-19 Damyan Ivanovrefresh transaction list upon database update from...
2018-12-16 Damyan Ivanovmove DB stuff into a static class
2018-12-16 Damyan Ivanovtransaction loading progress tweaks
2018-12-15 Damyan Ivanovinstance-wide dbg
2018-12-15 Damyan Ivanovcorrectly get the last transaction list update option
2018-12-15 Damyan Ivanovrefresh the view when the transaction list is updated
2018-12-15 Damyan Ivanovnicer swiper spinner colors for the transaction list
2018-12-15 Damyan Ivanovworking transaction list retrieval
2018-12-14 Damyan Ivanovstart the Transaction list activity not really a thing yet