fix profile list header arrow direction when editing mode is ended
[mobile-ledger.git] / app / src / main / java / net / ktnx / mobileledger / ui / activity /
2019-02-28 Damyan Ivanovfix profile list header arrow direction when editing...
2019-02-28 Damyan Ivanovremove commented-out, unnecessary code
2019-02-28 Damyan Ivanovcollapse profile list when drawer is closed
2019-02-28 Damyan Ivanovadd a 'more' button for entering profile edit mode
2019-02-28 Damyan Ivanovuse member field already available
2019-02-28 Damyan Ivanovfix profile list collapse icon staying visible when...
2019-02-27 Damyan Ivanovprofile list: add a button for cancelling the edit...
2019-02-27 Damyan Ivanovmore thread pool async task execution
2019-02-27 Damyan Ivanovtransaction retrieval: move cancel button enabling...
2019-02-24 Damyan Ivanovmajor rework of the profile management
2019-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmigrate to AndroidX
2019-02-17 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-02-17 Damyan Ivanovhandle theme change
2019-02-17 Damyan Ivanovuse Colors.* for run-time color control
2019-02-11 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when profile has no value yet
2019-02-11 Damyan Ivanovadd crash handling dialog with optional sending of...
2019-02-06 Damyan IvanovRename to MoLe
2019-01-28 Damyan Ivanovfix the 'Posting committed' switch in the profile editor
2019-01-27 Damyan Ivanovkeep the new transaction FAB hidden when the profile...
2019-01-21 Damyan Ivanovreplace onClick XML declaration with a runtime hook
2019-01-20 Damyan Ivanovinitially mark the account list as current in the navig...
2019-01-20 Damyan Ivanovrefresh last update date text upon profile change
2019-01-20 Damyan Ivanova welcome screen directs to the new profile activity...
2019-01-19 Damyan Ivanovremove unused members
2019-01-19 Damyan Ivanovprofiles: ensure single instance per profile, fix havoc...
2019-01-19 Damyan Ivanovunnecessary full class name
2019-01-15 Damyan Ivanovremove Exit item from the drawer
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovhandle date parsing errors, handle real=fake dates
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovfix transaction colouring to ignore delimiter items
2019-01-12 Damyan IvanovtoCamelCase
2019-01-12 Damyan IvanovtoCamelCase
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovfix nav colouring after landscape adjustments
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovrestore account name filter in the transaction list
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovmove profile name from the sub-title to the title
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovuse date formatted that hopefully uses the system local...
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovmultiple profile list fixes
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovclose the drawer when the settings item is selected
2019-01-09 Damyan IvanovShow only starred menu now works
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovproper date/time formatting
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovupdate description list after transaction retrieval
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovdynamic list of profiles, add profile removal
2019-01-07 Damyan Ivanovsomewhat complete profile implementation
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovuse profiles for connection parameters
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovnice side-swipe switch between account summary and...
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovparse and show ledger name
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovsome lambdas
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovthe last update UI observes the data in Data.lastUpdateDate
2019-01-04 Damyan Ivanovanother major rework, transaction list is fully asynchr...
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovmove last update and progress bar from transaction...
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovset title when fragment is changed
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovslight speed up on re-coloring inactive drawer items
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovfix current fragment indicator in the drawer after...
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovgo to transactions for the account when an account...
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovmore main activity rename, cleanup of unused stuff
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovmajor refactor, make account summary and transaction...