remove Exit item from the drawer
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2019-01-15 Damyan Ivanovremove Exit item from the drawer
2019-01-15 Damyan Ivanovtransaction list: make day/month markers more visible
2019-01-15 Damyan Ivanovwhen determining whether to bold an account, use "start...
2019-01-13 Damyan Ivanovremove TODO about app icon
2019-01-13 Damyan Ivanovshow profile name in the new transaction activity
2019-01-13 Damyan IvanovSplit AccountSummaryAdapter in its own file
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovsilence some debug
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovhandle date parsing errors, handle real=fake dates
2019-01-12 Damyan IvanovTransaction: include transaction date in the hash
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovfix bold account name color in transacion list
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovfix transaction colouring to ignore delimiter items
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovcleanup of the tracking of the previous transaction
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovsomewhat more visible marker between months
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovfix ledger date format to remain sortable
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovreplace dates in transaction list items with delimiters...
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovunused variable
2019-01-12 Damyan IvanovtoCamelCase
2019-01-12 Damyan IvanovtoCamelCase
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovupdate TODO
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovfix nav colouring after landscape adjustments
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovnew transaction: advance to next field upon autocomplet...
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovavoid endless recursion in set_option_value(String...
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovrestore account name filter in the transaction list
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovtwo more lambdas
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovone more lambda
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovunused variable
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovmove profile name from the sub-title to the title
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovsilence some debug
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovuse date formatted that hopefully uses the system local...
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovone more lambda
2019-01-11 Damyan Ivanovfix profile selection mess when the radio buttons are...
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovfix refresh mangling with account "starred" status
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovfix debug when starring/un-starring accounts
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovfix traversing children when starring/un-starring accounts
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovmultiple profile list fixes
2019-01-10 Damyan IvanovData: single central method for changing the current...
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovprofile list: show/hide fab on scroll/fling
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanova couple of lambdas
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovprofile list: larger profile names, add URL sub-head...
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovprofile list: add divider decoration
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovdelete profile menu as action; hide when only one profi...
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovpersistent profile list order
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovprofile list can be reordered
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovcleanup →private, remove unused parts
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovgap-fill missing parent accounts in the hierarchy
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovget back the account starring functionality
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovclose the drawer when the settings item is selected
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovtwo NPE fixed
2019-01-09 Damyan IvanovShow only starred menu now works
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovproper date/time formatting
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovdebug--
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovupdate description list after transaction retrieval
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovdynamic list of profiles, add profile removal
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovnew class for observing a list
2019-01-08 Damyan Ivanovmove ObservableXXXX classes under utils/
2019-01-08 Damyan Ivanovskip comments while parsing transactions
2019-01-07 Damyan Ivanovsomewhat complete profile implementation
2019-01-06 Damyan IvanovMLDB: the locally-stored context in the Application...
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovuse profiles for connection parameters
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovbump latest revision to 11
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovmodel: class for working with connection profiles
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovnice side-swipe switch between account summary and...
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovparse and show ledger name
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovstatic class method call
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovfab is guaranteed to have a value
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovsome lambdas
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovthe last update UI observes the data in Data.lastUpdateDate
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovdrop separate account retrieval
2019-01-05 Damyan IvanovObservableValue now works with null
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovthis is done in the onPostExecute handler
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovobservable last update date
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanov+debug
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovset the observable transaction and account lists as...
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovassume that no more changed transactions will be discov...
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovextract the matching transactions limit constant
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovif(!isCancelled) → throwIfCancelled()
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovtype correction
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanov(commented) debug
2019-01-05 Damyan IvanovTransactionListViewModel is static
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovasync account list
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovobserve background task count in the UI fragments
2019-01-05 Damyan IvanovMLDB: store the application instance in the context...
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovstop closing acuired db handles and leave that for...
2019-01-05 Damyan Ivanovincrement background task count while retrieving accoun...
2019-01-04 Damyan Ivanovanother major rework, transaction list is fully asynchr...
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovhandle cancellation
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovuse enum for the parser state
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovuse a constant for the last refresh stamp option
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovfu no context for getWritableDatabase
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovmove last update and progress bar from transaction...
2019-01-02 Damyan Ivanovremove context parameter from MLDB.getWritableDB
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovset title when fragment is changed
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovstreamlined database utility, fed with the application...
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovslight speed up on re-coloring inactive drawer items
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovfix current fragment indicator in the drawer after...