prepare v0.21.45 (54)
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2022-09-04 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.21.45 (54) master v0.21.5
2022-09-03 Damyan Ivanovalso restore the current profile from the cloud backup
2022-09-03 Damyan Ivanovfix cloud backup
2022-06-18 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.21.4 (53) for release v0.21.4
2022-06-18 Damyan Ivanovfix a rare crash when submitting new transaction
2022-06-18 Faye DuxovniFix representation of AmountPrecision for v1.23
2022-06-18 Faye DuxovniSet valid default value for tsourcepos in v1.23 ParsedL...
2022-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when deleting templates
2022-04-06 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.21.3 (52) for release v0.21.3
2022-04-06 Damyan Ivanovexplicit assert of non-null value
2022-04-06 Damyan Ivanovadjust deprecated constructor usage
2022-04-06 Damyan Ivanovbump sdk version to 31
2022-04-06 Damyan Ivanovbump versions of several dependencies
2022-04-04 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.21.2 (51) for release v0.21.2
2022-04-04 Damyan IvanovNT: turn on commodity setting when loading transaction...
2022-04-04 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when restoring configuration backup
2022-04-04 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when duplicating templates due to duplicating...
2022-04-04 Damyan Ivanovtypo in method name
2022-02-01 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when auto-balancing multi currency transaction
2021-12-30 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.21.1 (50) for release v0.21.1
2021-12-26 Damyan Ivanovdo not crash when sending transaction with just empty...
2021-12-26 Damyan Ivanovadd support for 1.23 also when adding transactions
2021-12-19 Damyan Ivanovtypo in comment
2021-12-19 Damyan Ivanovlog count of retrieved accounts and transactions as...
2021-12-19 Damyan IvanovTransactionListAdapter: include running total in item...
2021-12-09 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.21.0 (49) for release v0.21.0
2021-12-09 Damyan Ivanovadd support for hledger-web 1.23 json schema
2021-12-09 Damyan Ivanovinclude exception details in debug log when retrieving...
2021-12-09 Damyan IvanovDB revision 66: add Room schema to Git
2021-12-08 Damyan Ivanovreally prepare 0.20.4 (48) for release v0.20.4
2021-11-18 Damyan IvanovDB revision 66: re-calculate descriptionUpper to fix...
2021-11-18 Damyan IvanovTransaction: when copying, use proper descriptionUpper...
2021-11-18 Damyan Ivanovremove double % when searching transactions by description
2021-09-29 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.20.3 (47) for release v0.20.3
2021-09-29 Damyan Ivanovanother db migration fix v0.16.0
2021-09-23 Damyan Ivanovrelease version 0.20.2 (46) v0.20.2
2021-09-23 Damyan Ivanovfix db_62.sql (SQL syntax error)
2021-09-12 Damyan Ivanovslight rewording
2021-09-12 Damyan Ivanovfixup: transactions.description_uc correction
2021-09-12 Damyan Ivanovprovide cloud backup functionality
2021-09-12 Damyan Ivanovmethods for deleting all DB tables
2021-09-10 Damyan Ivanovfix search previous transactions by description
2021-09-09 Damyan Ivanovrelease v0.20.1 (45) v0.20.1
2021-09-09 Damyan Ivanov(unsuccessful) attempt to avoid black flicker when...
2021-09-09 Damyan Ivanovdb 62: remove duplicate currency entries before creatin...
2021-09-08 Damyan Ivanovsettings backup: mention that passwords are stored...
2021-09-06 Damyan Ivanovdebug setupProfileColors() calls
2021-09-02 Damyan Ivanovdo not report data retrieval cancellation to the user
2021-08-30 Damyan Ivanovfix a crash when returning to new transaction with...
2021-08-30 Damyan Ivanovfocus amount when account is selected
2021-08-30 Damyan Ivanovtypo in exception name
2021-08-30 Damyan Ivanovconfig restore: skip null entries
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovinclude description_uc in Transaction's SQL
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovreplace AsyncTask.execute with
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovtypo in method name
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovconvert AsyncTask descender classes to pure Thread's
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovmake Room ignore the no-argument Currency constructor
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovmove async DB stuff away of AsyncTask
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovuse a fixed thread pool for general short tasks
2021-08-27 Damyan Ivanovrun the success callback on the main thread
2021-08-25 Damyan Ivanovreplace deprecated implicit looper with Looper.getMainL...
2021-08-25 Damyan Ivanovreplace AsyncCrasher with a Runnable run by GeneralBack...
2021-08-25 Damyan Ivanovadd an async runner class for general tasks
2021-08-22 Damyan Ivanovrelease v0.20.0 (44) v0.20.0
2021-08-22 Damyan Ivanovfall back to any profile when restoring config
2021-08-22 Damyan Ivanovuse post..() instead of set..() from a background thread
2021-08-22 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when new trans. is started by a shortcut...
2021-08-22 Damyan IvanovMainActivity: always refresh shortcuts, even if the...
2021-08-22 Damyan IvanovDate.setCurrentProfile may accept null as argument
2021-08-22 Damyan Ivanovdo not reset the new transaction model in the constructor
2021-08-22 Damyan Ivanovfix crash in new transaction shortcut when the main...
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovfix JSON export of templates
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovadd some explanation before the restore button on the...
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovoffer to restore from backup when starting the app...
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovgray out the backup controls if there is nothing to...
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovworking backup and restore of configuration settings
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovdrop deprecation from profiles.uuid, make not null
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovadd uuid to templates
2021-08-21 Damyan Ivanovadd unique index on currencies(name)
2021-06-08 Damyan Ivanovfix looking up old transactions with non-ASCII names...
2021-05-23 Damyan Ivanovprepare v0.19.1 (42) for release v0.19.1
2021-05-23 Damyan Ivanovdrop a fixme that needs no fixing
2021-05-23 Damyan Ivanovfix crash in version checking code with two-component...
2021-05-23 Damyan Ivanovmaintain amount text independent from the amount
2021-05-23 Damyan Ivanovmake decimal separator available globally
2021-05-16 Damyan Ivanovtrack more instances where currency may be null (and...
2021-05-16 Damyan Ivanovbimp gradle, sdk, build tools, jackson; jcentral→mavenC...
2021-05-16 Damyan Ivanovfix loading previous transaction with no preferred...
2021-05-15 Damyan Ivanovuse explicit main thread looper
2021-05-13 Damyan Ivanovbump version of two test libraries
2021-05-13 Damyan Ivanovannotate a data retrieval method with @Transaction...
2021-05-12 Damyan Ivanovfix a weird bug when an invalid amount is entered
2021-05-12 Damyan Ivanovtypo in debug message
2021-05-12 Damyan Ivanovnew transaction: currency can't be null
2021-05-10 Damyan Ivanovwhen accumulating running totals, consider sub-accounts too
2021-05-10 Damyan Ivanovfix propagation of speculative account ammounts to...
2021-05-09 Damyan Ivanovbetter text color reference working also in dark theme
2021-05-09 Damyan Ivanovvisual improvements in template list
2021-05-09 Damyan Ivanovfix account list end margin after flow adoption
2021-05-08 Damyan Ivanovadd small margin between account name and its amount...