replace assertions with good old if()
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2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovbg-BG translation for descriptions and feature graphic
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovadjust feature graphic to better fit into f-droid clien...
2019-04-13 Damyan Ivanovprepare 0.9.5/25 release v0.9.5
2019-04-13 Damyan Ivanovprepare 0.9.4/24 release v0.9.4
2019-04-10 Damyan Ivanovprepare 0.9.3/23 rlease v0.9.3
2019-04-08 Damyan Ivanovprepare 0.9.2 (22) release v0.9.2
2019-04-07 Damyan Ivanovuse HTTPS for the link
2019-04-06 Damyan Ivanovupdate changelogs v0.9.1
2019-04-04 Damyan Ivanovupdate change logs v0.9
2019-04-04 Damyan Ivanovprepare change lists
2019-04-04 Damyan Ivanovrename the drawer image
2019-03-26 Damyan Ivanovadd changelog
2019-03-25 Damyan Ivanovupdate changelog v0.8
2019-03-25 Damyan Ivanovadd changelog for version code 18
2019-03-25 Damyan Ivanovupdate full description to match current state
2019-03-25 Damyan Ivanovadd feature graphic
2019-03-25 Damyan Ivanovmove phoneScreenshots under images/
2019-03-25 Damyan Ivanovadd some screenshots
2019-03-03 Damyan Ivanovadd changelog files for version 16 and 17
2019-02-09 Damyan Ivanovlast glitches in full description
2019-02-05 Damyan IvanovRename, improve description
2019-02-01 Damyan Ivanovan attempt for a nicer HTML
2019-02-01 Damyan Ivanovfix hledger-web URL (still no https?!)
2019-02-01 Damyan Ivanovfix HTML in full description
2019-02-01 Damyan Ivanovconvert full description to HTML
2019-01-31 Damyan Ivanovmaybe html links work?
2019-01-30 Damyan IvanovAdjust full description to conform to th spec
2019-01-29 Damyan Ivanovrename the long description file to match the spec
2019-01-27 Damyan Ivanovmove metadata/ one diretory up