2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanovupgrade build environment and libraries
2020-06-06 Damyan Ivanovprovide all kinds of launcher icons
2020-06-06 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-05-26 Damyan Ivanovrearrange attributes
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove bold style from default commodity setting
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovfix missing %d format specifier
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovtighten visibility
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove long unused items from account list
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovmore material styles
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove divider above the navigation drawer
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovdrop empty style
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanov100% themed colours
2020-05-20 Damyan IvanovData.setCurrentProfile: use setValue() instead of postV...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix (+) fab visible after profile change (activity...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovremove another redundant call to setupProfileColors()
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovthemed buttons in the currency selector
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix transaction sending progress color to follow the...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix the simulation label (only relevant in debug builds...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovremove redundant call to setupProfile
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix status bar background when switching profiles ...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix FAB disabled tint color
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovтрансакция → транзакция
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovuse toolbar height that changes with font size
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovuse outlined dense text input layouts
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovmigrate to Matherial DayNight themes
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovdynamic count of swipe circle colours
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovrename method to better reflect its function
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovproperly override the main toolbar theme
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovprofile details: proper palette tint attribute
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovattribute rearrangement
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovuse library layout inflation for the profile details...
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovtarget SDK -> 29
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovmore themed colors usage
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovfix transaction account filter selection
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovreplace a redundant linear layout with a simple view
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovremove unuset properties
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovreplace ContentFrameLayout with FrameLayout
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovmatch gravity with text alignment
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovemploy some themed styles
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovfix theming
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovall activities use the application-level theme
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovupgrade a couple of libraries
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovmove reacting to profile changes after the check for...
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovuse the proper way to load vector drawable in ImageView
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovproile editor: fix passing of initial theme hue to...
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovuse a fixed app background, helps the fading gradient
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovfix a crash when returning to the new transaction activ...
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovuse rsvg-convert (librsvg2) instead of convert (imagema...
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovmove app_icon.png images from drawable-* to mipmap-*
2020-05-16 Damyan Ivanovfix activity restart upon profile theme change
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovprepare release of 0.13.1 (33) v0.13.1
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovcompletely abandon fiddling with KeyListener's
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovupdate decimal separator value with locale change
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovstop
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovprepare release v0.13.0
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovposting-level flag for amount validity; drop custom...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovdrop extra item type enforcement when removing transact...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovstyle for error texts
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovmake the "home" (back arrow) toolbar button in the...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused parent activity declarations from manifest
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused activity declaration from manifest
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovtranslation
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovlink show comments by default flag between the UI and...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovprofile details: add switch for showing comments by...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovprofile details: put posting params in a layout so...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovpass transaction comment to the JSON API
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovhandle transaction comment UI changes
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovrework comment show/hide/blur with colors instead of...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovthemed color for disabled text
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovadd transaction comment to the internal transaction...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovrearrangement
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovtransaction-level comments in new transaction UI, optional
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovmove previous transaction lookup progress bar to the...
2020-05-14 Damyan Ivanovfix new transaction (+) fab appearing when returning...
2020-05-06 Damyan IvanovHTML transaction parser: handle posting status flags
2020-05-06 Damyan Ivanovupdate open drawer screenshot v0.12.0
2020-05-06 Damyan Ivanovadd change logs for release 31
2020-05-06 Damyan IvanovAdd currency/commodity support to full description
2020-05-06 Damyan Ivanovupdate change log
2020-05-06 Damyan Ivanovprofile editor: streamlined handling of authentication...
2020-05-04 Damyan Ivanovdarker colour palette, matching theme (pre-generated...
2020-05-04 Damyan Ivanovremove unused code
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovadd missing contentDescription to a couple of images
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovreorganize main activity layout to let the CoordinatorL...
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovfix rounding of the automatic profile color of the...
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovrename ic_clear_black_24dp.xml to avoid clash with...
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovignore refresh request when there is no profile yet
2020-05-03 Damyan IvanovToast → Snackbar
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovshow a message when no transactions are found containin...
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovadd a copy of the navigation drawer header to the welco...
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovdelete stray options of already removed profiles
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovnote create_db.sql reflects changes up to rev. 29
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovdescribe changes
2020-05-03 Damyan IvanovTODO: transaction-level comments (displaying and entering)
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovshow comment field after screen rotation if it was...
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovclean unneeded import
2020-05-03 Damyan Ivanovconvert two inner classes to static