2021-05-06 Damyan Ivanovfix migration off options table for current profile v0.18.0
2021-05-05 Damyan Ivanovprepare release of v0.18.0 (40)
2021-05-05 Damyan Ivanovfix a crash when applying more than one template via...
2021-05-05 Damyan Ivanovrename a method to better reflect its function
2021-05-05 Damyan Ivanovwhen speculatively updating account amounts, update...
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovview binding for account and transaction list fragments
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovwork around trans. list menu items visible with setOffs...
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovanother fix to the layout of template date parameters
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovstop resetting the date when an old transaction is...
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovdrop description history table and support machinery
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovcorrect debug message
2021-04-30 Damyan Ivanovlookup transactions by description directly in transact...
2021-04-26 Damyan Ivanovseveral fixes when there are no profiles after full...
2021-04-26 Damyan Ivanovproactively apply the same fix to the new transaction...
2021-04-26 Damyan Ivanovfix profile editor's bottom part getting overlapped...
2021-04-26 Damyan Ivanovdrop unnecessary template type
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfix binary & used instead of logical &&
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovsmall step towards support for currency in transaction...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovrename an event handler using the onXXX style
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovshow comments when invoking a previous transaction
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfix converting LedgerTransactionAccount to TransactionA...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfix inclusion of exception log in error message
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovspeculatively add new transactions to the database...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfix ordering of transactions when loaded from database
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfix displayed transactions count
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovrestore account ordering by name
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovstore transaction list in a db transaction
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovput conversion from DB objects to LedgerTransaction...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovprovide a common routine for running something on the...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovsave profile's order when editing a profile
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovavoid switching current profile when profiles are rearr...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovfully employ room for loading transactions off DB
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovdebug refinements
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovdo not force transaction list reload upon main activity...
2021-04-25 Damyan IvanovMainActivity's logging using a TAG
2021-04-25 Damyan IvanovData.profile doesn't need to be an inert MutableLiveData
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovuse a constant to indicate profile ID of no real profile
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovasync variant for loading all transactions
2021-04-25 Damyan IvanovTransactionAccumulator needs not keep a reference to...
2021-04-25 Damyan Ivanovasking UpdateTransactionsTask to load a null profile...
2021-04-23 Damyan Ivanovspeculatively update last update date while the transac...
2021-04-23 Damyan IvanovRevert "speculatively update last update date before...
2021-04-23 Damyan Ivanovspeculatively update last update date before the transa...
2021-04-23 Damyan Ivanovfurther optimize transaction storage by comparing dataH...
2021-04-23 Damyan Ivanovput all the annotated abstract DAO methods in the beginning
2021-04-23 Damyan Ivanovinline the storeAccountsAndTransactions method
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovfix storing transaction accounts (bad typo)
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovadditional transaction deletion methods
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovfix copying ensuring currency is not null
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovrename method to better reflect what it does
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovfix field/accessor type mismatch
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovselects from joined tables need explicit column list :(
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovspeed up transaction storage a bit
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanov(commented) facility for debugging Room's SQL queries
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovimplement stable IDs for the transaction list
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovfix ordering of filtered transaction items
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovfix comparison of transaction date delimiter contents
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovadd some profiling on acount/transaction list storage
2021-04-22 Damyan IvanovBaseDAO: async operation variants without callbacks
2021-04-22 Damyan Ivanovuse plain 'long' for
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovdrop MobileLedgerDatabase, move initComplete to DB
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovsplash: show forced delay before starting the main...
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovconvert DatabaseInitTask to a lightweight thread
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovdrop remnants of gradual transaction data loading,...
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovpreload transaction list page, making transition smoother
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovfix updates of last transaction update text
2021-04-21 Damyan Ivanovrework transaction list with proper view holders and...
2021-04-20 Damyan Ivanovfix finding the earliest transaction by date
2021-04-20 Damyan Ivanovrewrite update of transaction list from DB with Room
2021-04-20 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused async db queue classes
2021-04-20 Damyan Ivanovdrop now unused MLDB class along with its async db...
2021-04-20 Damyan Ivanovwipe retrieval progress when transaction retrieval...
2021-04-20 Damyan Ivanovinterpret only json-parsing exceptions as API mismatch
2021-04-19 Damyan Ivanovwhen deleting the currently active profile, switch...
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovfix exception handling while trying different API versions
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovfix profile deletion / data wipe
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovfix passing profile ID to ProfileDetailActivity
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovadd a pre-release build variant
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovmake use of getBindingAdapter and save a field
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovbump library dependencies
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovfix creation of a new profile after Room-y of Profile...
2021-04-18 Damyan Ivanovfix template editor layout
2021-04-15 Damyan Ivanovconstant TAG
2021-04-15 Damyan Ivanovdebug--
2021-04-15 Damyan IvanovRoom-based profile management
2021-04-15 Damyan Ivanovequality check for Profile
2021-04-15 Damyan IvanovRoom-based profile wipe
2021-04-15 Damyan Ivanovdummy migration method
2021-04-15 Damyan IvanovDefault template name given at save time
2021-04-11 Damyan Ivanovasynchronous profile initialisation
2021-04-10 Damyan Ivanovmore Room adoption - accounts@100%, some profiles/trans...
2021-04-04 Damyan Ivanovimplement incremental changes in account list adapter
2021-04-04 Damyan Ivanovadopt Room for displaying account lists
2021-04-04 Damyan Ivanovgeneration is long
2021-04-04 Damyan Ivanovaccount_id → accountId
2021-03-26 Damyan Ivanovspecialized sub-classes of AccountListItem
2021-03-26 Damyan Ivanovdebug--
2021-03-26 Damyan Ivanovfix SQL when cleaning obsolete transaction/accounts
2021-03-26 Damyan Ivanovminor optimization in getting next generation
2021-03-25 Damyan Ivanovfix SQL when filtering transaction list by account...