remove unused method
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2019-01-27 Damyan Ivanovremove unused method
2019-01-27 Damyan Ivanovremove unused method
2019-01-19 Damyan Ivanovprofiles: ensure single instance per profile, fix havoc...
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovreplace dates in transaction list items with delimiters...
2019-01-12 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-01-12 Damyan IvanovtoCamelCase
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovfix refresh mangling with account "starred" status
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovmultiple profile list fixes
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovdelete profile menu as action; hide when only one profi...
2019-01-10 Damyan Ivanovpersistent profile list order
2019-01-09 Damyan Ivanovdynamic list of profiles, add profile removal
2019-01-07 Damyan Ivanovsomewhat complete profile implementation
2019-01-06 Damyan Ivanovmodel: class for working with connection profiles