4 days ago Damyan Ivanovmaterial (slightly larger) text sizes in template list master
4 days ago Damyan Ivanovshow hidden FAB after four seconds
4 days ago Damyan Ivanovreplace unused coordinator layout with constraint layout
4 days ago Damyan Ivanovuse standard height toolbars in main activity and new...
4 days ago Damyan Ivanovuse default toolbar height for the templates activity
4 days ago Damyan Ivanov"fix" background of templates toolbar
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovinclude "last account" flag in debug output
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovset focus to the transaction description upon UI reset
5 days ago Damyan IvanovNT: keep cursor position while setting account name...
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovswitch new transaction UI to FabManager
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovmeasure FAB
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovparent is guaranteed to be a View here, or null
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovdrop collapsing toolbar layout, plain toolbar is fine
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovseparate FAB management in a helper class
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovdrop last remnants of new transaction bottom padding
5 days ago Damyan Ivanovadd divider before fallback templates
6 days ago Damyan Ivanovcheck if transaction is submittable after applying...
6 days ago Damyan IvanovTemplates: order fallback templates at the bottom of...
6 days ago Damyan Ivanovslight optimization
6 days ago Damyan Ivanovfix storing/restoring focus on reconfiguration
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovoptimize calls to checkTransactionSubmittable()
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovflag initial amount hint as present (still null)
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovwhen comparing account rows, ignore amount hints if...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovformat amounts when the input field loses focus
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovfix IME hints for amount inputs
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovfocus the first amount after loading a previous transaction
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovnew-transaction: avoid auto-completion pop-ups when...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovfix removal of empty transaction rows after the major...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovfix sending empty transaction comments as "", not as...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovavoid crash when there is no information about focused...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovnew transaction: replace bottom filler with scroll...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovrework new transaction activity/model/etc with proper...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovmove sample text scanning to the template activity
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovaccount name auto-complete: convert input to upper...
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovbump version (name and code)
7 days ago Damyan IvanovRoom takes over DB migrations
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovdescribe transaction_accounts to Room
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovdescribe transactions to Room
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovinitialize Room after all legacy upgrading is done
7 days ago Damyan Ivanovdescribe description_history to Room
2021-02-19 Damyan Ivanovdescribe account_values to Room
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovdescribe options to Room
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovdescribe profiles for Room
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovremove unnecessary qualification
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovoffer fallback templates only when no other template...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmore pattern → template renaming
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfix crash when there is no test text and the pattern...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovanother approach at supporting multi-line SQL statements
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovnot boolean, integer
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovadd fallback flag to templates
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovslightly easier account item rearrangement
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovno need for gravity, only one edge is constrained anyway
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovdebug++
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtemplate details: ensure single empty account when...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmember rearrangement
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovdebug++
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmodel: adjust items' positions when an item is removed
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmodel: adjust items' positions when an item is moved
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmodel: reorder account rows by their position
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmodel: ensure exactly one empty account row
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtemplate details model: method for creating a copy...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovadapter/debug: dump new item list
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused method
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovposition becomes plain long (not Long)
2021-02-18 Damyan IvanovAccountRow.isEmpty(): is this a disposable empty row?
2021-02-18 Damyan IvanovAccountRow.equalContents: compare positions too
2021-02-18 Damyan IvanovAccountRow: copy constructor
2021-02-18 Damyan IvanovAccountRow: set position from DB
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtouch helper: avoid moving an item to its present position
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovheader row has (adapter) ID of 0, not -1
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovstop propagating UI changes to the model during view...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovinclude account position in template account head
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovsilence click-accessibility warning
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmethod rearrangement
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovuse expression lambda
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovimplement swipe-remove and drag-move in template details
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtemplate modes: mark newly added accounts with negative IDs
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfix saving template account removals
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfix duplicate accounts in template account autocompletion
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovbump several library versions
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovuse stock drag handle icon for profile list
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovcorrect copyright notices on icon resources
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfix visibility of amount sign switch texts
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtemplate details: replace the framework trash icon...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfix marking of unmatched part at the end of the test...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused variable
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmanipulation of templates via pop-up menu, add template...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmethods for duplication of a template with its data
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovmake pattern editor survive reconfiguration
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtemplate details: explicitly enabled layout changes...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfix mis-translation
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovself-explanatory amount reversal switch
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtype (packend → backend)
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovtranslatable text for template element value from the...
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovuse explicit indices for format strings in string resources
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovfu: visual improvements in template editor
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovbetter sub-section headings
2021-02-18 Damyan Ivanovvisual improvements in template editor