unused string
[mobile-ledger.git] / app / src / main / res / values / strings.xml
2018-12-31 Damyan Ivanovunused string
2018-12-21 Damyan Ivanovextract a string into resource
2018-12-15 Damyan Ivanovworking transaction list retrieval
2018-12-14 Damyan Ivanovstart the Transaction list activity not really a thing yet
2018-12-14 Damyan Ivanovadd license boilerplates for authored content
2018-12-14 Damyan Ivanovbetter account starr-ing control
2018-12-13 Damyan Ivanovrewording and translations
2018-12-13 Damyan Ivanovmajor rework of the async stuff, view model, pull-to...
2018-12-10 Damyan Ivanovhide accounts, shown when a global preference is checked
2018-12-09 Damyan Ivanovnew transaction: make text input fields single-line...
2018-12-09 Damyan Ivanovshorter account summary title
2018-12-09 Damyan Ivanovnew transction/submit: when no date is entered, use...
2018-12-09 Damyan Ivanovnew transaction: new menu item for resetting the activity
2018-12-08 Damyan Ivanovfor some reason, on bad http auth data the stack throws...
2018-12-07 Damyan IvanovLay the ground for hiding accounts from the summary
2018-12-06 Damyan IvanovAccount summary: menu item for manually refreshing...
2018-12-06 Damyan Ivanovhome is account summary, latest transactions is a new...
2018-12-06 Damyan Ivanovabandon the new transaction FAB and use a menu item
2018-12-06 Damyan Ivanovtranslation in Bulgarian
2018-12-04 Damyan Ivanovchange amount hint to "0.00" -- shorter and still clear
2018-12-03 Damyan Ivanovworking addition of new transactions
2018-12-03 Damyan IvanovTransaction date → date
2018-12-02 Damyan Ivanovshow progress while loading accounts
2018-12-02 Damyan Ivanovnetwork error strings
2018-11-30 Damyan Ivanovremove account lines by swiping left
2018-11-30 Damyan Ivanovrename a constant
2018-11-30 Damyan Ivanovreplace add account floating action button with a menu...
2018-11-30 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused string
2018-11-30 Damyan Ivanovstart the new transaction interface
2018-11-29 Damyan Ivanovremove unused resources
2018-11-28 Damyan Ivanovadd Settings activity
2018-11-25 Damyan Ivanovupdate drawer menu with clipart icons and common style
2018-11-24 Damyan Ivanovupdate drawer menu