3 days ago Damyan Ivanovprepare release of 0.14.1 (35) master v0.14.1
3 days ago Damyan Ivanovfix styling of "Last update: ..." text
3 days ago Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
3 days ago Damyan Ivanovdrop unused global colour values
3 days ago Damyan Ivanova bit more of transaction list card elevation; default...
3 days ago Damyan Ivanovfurther theme fixes
3 days ago Damyan Ivanovdrop a couple of global colour values
3 days ago Damyan Ivanovfix focused comment text color on re-configuration...
4 days ago Damyan Ivanovplug app icon to the saving transaction animation
6 days ago Damyan Ivanovadd icon in metadata/ for f-droid listing
11 days ago Damyan Ivanovgen-styles: utf8-aware
11 days ago Damyan Ivanovtransaction list: smaller account name/amount texts
11 days ago Damyan Ivanovuse themed text appearance for the 'Last updated on...
13 days ago Damyan Ivanovprepare changelogs v0.14.0
13 days ago Damyan Ivanovadd round icon
13 days ago Damyan Ivanovrestore vector-only app icon
13 days ago Damyan Ivanovput the app in the 'Productivity' category
13 days ago Damyan Ivanovbetter shortcut icon
2020-06-18 Damyan Ivanovupdate change log
2020-06-18 Damyan Ivanovmake posting amounts use the same font size as account...
2020-06-18 Damyan Ivanovbump version to 0.14.0 (34)
2020-06-18 Damyan Ivanovbump years of copyright in
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovyet another attempt to improve layout of transaction...
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovavoid scrolling to the last 'go to date' after reconfig...
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovuse event icon for 'go to date'
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovtwo fallouts after transaction date reorganisation...
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovnew: go to a date from transaction list
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovrework transaction date handling
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovclear internal account list before loading accounts...
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovmake sure data hash is computed before returning it
2020-06-17 Damyan Ivanovadd a synthetic version to the transaction hash calculation
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused preference activity
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovdrop unneeded fragment tag
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovfollow recommendation for using ifRoom for action menu...
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovextract Filter menu item title as a string resource
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovrestore transaction list card margins, default elevation
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovremove unnecessary FrameLayout with a single child
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovaccount list: remove trailing gap
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovmore material transaction list layout
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovadd database support for transaction-level comments
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovadd support for transaction-level comments in the JSON...
2020-06-16 Damyan Ivanovshow transaction-level comments in transaction list
2020-06-14 Damyan Ivanovadd transaction level comment when calculating transact...
2020-06-14 Damyan Ivanovinclude comments when comparing transaction accounts
2020-06-12 Damyan Ivanovremove unnecessary id declaration
2020-06-12 Damyan Ivanovbump compileSdkVersion to match targetSdkVersion
2020-06-12 Damyan Ivanovadd (partial) tests for legacy text transaction parser
2020-06-12 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-06-12 Damyan Ivanovlegacy text parser: add support for currency before...
2020-06-10 Damyan Ivanovmore launcher icon fiddling
2020-06-10 Damyan Ivanovdeclare a bunch of effectively final fields as such
2020-06-10 Damyan Ivanovcontrol/save state of drawer being open via a MutableLi...
2020-06-10 Damyan Ivanovmerge two drawer listeners
2020-06-10 Damyan IvanovData.profile becomes inert
2020-06-10 Damyan IvanovInert MutableLiveData doesn't trigger changes when...
2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanovadd FIXME about account list trailer divider
2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanovremove unnecessary onLayoutChangeListener
2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanovdrop long unused methods
2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanov"final" fixes on account list layout
2020-06-09 Damyan Ivanovupgrade build environment and libraries
2020-06-06 Damyan Ivanovprovide all kinds of launcher icons
2020-06-06 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-05-26 Damyan Ivanovrearrange attributes
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove bold style from default commodity setting
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovfix missing %d format specifier
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovtighten visibility
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove long unused items from account list
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovmore material styles
2020-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove divider above the navigation drawer
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovdrop empty style
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanov100% themed colours
2020-05-20 Damyan IvanovData.setCurrentProfile: use setValue() instead of postV...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix (+) fab visible after profile change (activity...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovremove another redundant call to setupProfileColors()
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovthemed buttons in the currency selector
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix transaction sending progress color to follow the...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix the simulation label (only relevant in debug builds...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovremove redundant call to setupProfile
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix status bar background when switching profiles ...
2020-05-20 Damyan Ivanovfix FAB disabled tint color
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovтрансакция → транзакция
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovuse toolbar height that changes with font size
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovuse outlined dense text input layouts
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovmigrate to Matherial DayNight themes
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovdynamic count of swipe circle colours
2020-05-19 Damyan Ivanovrename method to better reflect its function
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovproperly override the main toolbar theme
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovprofile details: proper palette tint attribute
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovattribute rearrangement
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovuse library layout inflation for the profile details...
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovtarget SDK -> 29
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovmore themed colors usage
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovfix transaction account filter selection
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovreplace a redundant linear layout with a simple view
2020-05-17 Damyan Ivanovremove unuset properties