2009-08-11 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with 3.5 1.0
2009-05-07 Damyan Ivanovrelease 0.9 0.9
2009-05-07 Damyan Ivanovalso remove trailing dot
2009-03-06 Damyan IvanovRevert "put all the buttons in a toolbar" 0.8
2009-03-06 Damyan Ivanovput all the buttons in a toolbar
2009-03-06 Damyan Ivanovfix a typo in .deb tooltip. Thanks to Ryan52
2009-03-06 Damyan Ivanovbump version
2009-03-06 Damyan Ivanovtrim clipbiard contents before using it 0.7
2009-03-06 Damyan Ivanovbump version
2009-03-05 Damyan Ivanovdrop hover versions, use larger fonts normally 0.6
2009-03-05 Damyan Ivanovhover buttons with larger text
2009-03-05 Damyan Ivanovbuild: include res/ dir
2009-03-05 Damyan Ivanovbump version
2009-03-04 Damyan Ivanovuse Debian swirl for the icon 0.5
2009-03-04 Damyan Ivanovinclude README in the package 0.4
2009-03-04 Damyan Ivanovuse a real UUID for id
2009-03-04 Damyan Ivanovuse plain icedeb.xpi as package name
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd README containing copyright and licensing info
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd .deb lookup button
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd new PTS lookup button 0.3
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovadd gimp source for bts button image
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovcompress using plain old zip instead of jar
2009-03-02 Damyan Ivanovrename to icedeb; bts-stamp the bts button 0.2
2009-02-26 Damyan IvanovUse swirl image for the button
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovopen in new tab on middle-click
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovbind on the onclick event
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovclicking on the toolbar button now loads BTS bug page
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovrename the class and the method
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovmore renames
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovignore .xpi files
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovcontinue renaming
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovstart renaming things
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovproperly describe the package
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovrename package
2009-02-26 Damyan Ivanovinitial import of custom toolbar button template