2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovdebug messages on app start/termination
2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovupdate icon files
2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovno transparency of the purple
2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovthe icon color is #935ff2, same as the primary app...
2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovthinner and smaller ±
2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovwork around border-fill order inability in android...
2019-05-05 Damyan Ivanovmore app_icon improvements
2019-05-03 Damyan IvanovLatest transactions → Transactions
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovclear synthetic accounts list after propagating parsed...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovfix text color for the account name filter
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-05-03 Damyan IvanovsetCurrentProfile: no crash if given a null argument
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovignore request to update the last update date when...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovprofile should not be null when requesting transaction...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovlet the loading screen use the default background color
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovdrop a resource block around an SQLDatabase object
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused class
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovproperly detect when profile list hasn't loaded yet
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovmove DB access routines to the application class
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovstore the theme Id in the preferences so that no DB...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanov"Loading..." screen while DB is being read
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovasynchronous profile setup
2019-05-03 Damyan IvanovMLDB: asyncronous variant of getOption
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovavoid duplicate theme setup upon startup and profile...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovsuppress some warnings
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovdrop remnants of hollow transaction list item
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovmove null check before the value is used
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovstop any running back-end data retrieval when the profi...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovmove initiation of back-end data retrieval to Data
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovdebug message when profile data is wiped
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovoff-load option setting DB update to the background...
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovbump versions of two libraries
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-05-03 Damyan Ivanovmigrate a bunch of globals to LiveData
2019-04-28 Damyan IvanovLockHolder: reset lock instances to null after unlocking
2019-04-28 Damyan IvanovEnglish locale String.format
2019-04-28 Damyan Ivanovslightly lighter yellow accent
2019-04-28 Damyan Ivanovfix header items (acc name filter, retrieve progress...
2019-04-28 Damyan Ivanovcopy constructor for MobileLedgerProfile
2019-04-28 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused field
2019-04-27 Damyan IvanovSQLiteOpenHelper wrapper doesn't need to implement...
2019-04-27 Damyan Ivanovsilence some debug
2019-04-27 Damyan IvanovO is the android version with app shortcuts
2019-04-27 Damyan Ivanovlocale-aware String.format
2019-04-23 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused commented-out code
2019-04-23 Damyan Ivanovcorrect constant for vertival layout
2019-04-23 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused variable
2019-04-20 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-04-20 Damyan Ivanovdrop dummy bottom-list entries and intercept draw up...
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovdrop redundant setting of swiper color
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovprofile list: don't hide the collapse arrow when editti...
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovdrop dead code
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovoverride the weaker access warning
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovname variable keeping auto-closed resource 'ignored'
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovlimit method visibility to the used level
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovunnecessary cast
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovname intentionally unused variable as 'ignored'
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovmissing not-null annotation
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovremove unused code
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovcomment-out the account list options menu
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovhide the options drawer item
2019-04-19 Damyan IvanovcollapseProfileList(): short-cut animations if the...
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovmore animations when collapsing profile list and when...
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovdisable profile switching while the list is being edite...
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovprofile list: react on clicking on different parts...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovrevert unintentional change in text color
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovavoid multiple acc/trn list updating when switching...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovspare a transaction list reload upon changing of the...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovwrap Log.d calls, skipping them on non-debug builds
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovmissing not-null annotation
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovprivate field
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovnullability annotations
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovwhitespace
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovmigrate backgroundTaskCount to an atomic counter and...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovlambdas
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovadd missing annotations
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovunused variable
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovmigrate account name filter to LiveData
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovmigrate themeWatch to LiveData
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovforce profile observer notification when current profil...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused code
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovcolor selector: show selected sector (implement drawMarker)
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovrework theme color spectrum to match the holy grail...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovadd theme list start/end markers to aid automatic gener...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovnote wanted primary color in theme list
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovdrop unused resource definition
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovwhitepspace
2019-04-19 Damyan Ivanovmigrate lastUpdatedate to LiveData
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovbg-BG translation for descriptions and feature graphic
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovadjust feature graphic to better fit into f-droid clien...
2019-04-16 Damyan Ivanovadd more "air" in the app icon, decreasing the image...
2019-04-13 Damyan Ivanovprepare 0.9.5/25 release v0.9.5
2019-04-13 Damyan IvanovmFragment may be null here
2019-04-13 Damyan Ivanovuse the standard "add" icon for the new transaction FAB
2019-04-13 Damyan Ivanovfix ring placement in the color selector dialog