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2019-01-17 Damyan Ivanovprepare release master 2.3
2019-01-17 Damyan Ivanovuse dark-coloured icon by default
2019-01-17 Damyan Ivanovbump minimum required version to 57
2018-10-15 Damyan Ivanovuse https for the homepage_url
2018-09-26 Damyan Ivanovdescribe further changes 2.2
2018-09-26 Damyan Ivanovplace openlogo-ng in a square document
2018-09-26 Damyan Ivanovrelease 2.2
2018-09-26 Damyan Ivanovfixup for d28e9ea: add support for clipboard.readText()
2018-09-26 Damyan Ivanovprovide light and dark icon variants with standard...
2018-09-12 Damyan Ivanovadd support for clipboard.readText(), available in...
2018-09-12 Damyan Ivanovadd vim modeline
2018-08-22 Damyan Ivanovextend dsa numbers with an optional trailing -\d+,...
2018-08-22 Damyan Ivanovremove leading/trailing white-space before evaluating...
2018-08-22 Damyan Ivanovrelease version 2.1 2.1
2018-08-22 Damyan Ivanovtrim leading hash sign
2018-08-22 Damyan Ivanovallos leading hash sign to bug report numbers
2017-08-01 Damyan IvanovTranslate "dsa-1234" and "DSA 1234" to "DSA-1234"
2017-07-30 Damyan Ivanovadd Changes to the XPI e10s 2.0
2017-07-30 Damyan Ivanovfix missing colon in CSS
2017-07-30 Damyan Ivanovremove unused rule from Makefile
2017-07-30 Damyan Ivanovdrop obsolete build script
2017-07-30 Damyan IvanovAdd piuparts
2017-07-04 Damyan IvanovAdd 'Reproducible builds' link
2017-06-27 Damyan Ivanovadapt descriptions to reality
2017-06-27 Damyan IvanovSVG for the addon icon
2017-06-21 Damyan Ivanovsome air after the indicators
2017-06-21 Damyan Ivanovadd indicators of the services that seem appropriate...
2017-06-20 Damyan Ivanovadd hints to each button
2017-06-20 Damyan Ivanovthis code is reached only with query string
2017-06-20 Damyan IvanovAdd support for the Debian Maintainer Dashboard
2017-06-20 Damyan Ivanovdo not show an error message when executeCommand('Copy...
2017-06-20 Damyan Ivanovone .svg fits all sizes
2017-06-20 Damyan IvanovTODO done: ask for input if clipboard is empty
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovuse a hidden <textarea> for the clipboard pasting and...
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovupon pop-up opening, retrieve clipboard in the next...
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovanother XPCOM-era remnant
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovremove legacy XPCOM implementation
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovput clipboard retrieval in a routine, hook to DOMConten...
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovalways close the pop-up when tab is re-loaded/opened
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovopen links/tabs via promises
2017-06-19 Damyan IvanovFix DDPO site URL
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovmake the error message appear smoothly
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovmake the clipboard content box look like a mozilla one
2017-06-19 Damyan Ivanovput content JS into a closure
2017-06-18 Damyan Ivanovnicer popup, site links, remove text about absent selec...
2017-06-18 Damyan Ivanovupdate years of copyright
2017-06-17 Damyan Ivanovinitial implementation of e10s. XUL/XPCOM is dropped
2014-07-29 Damyan Ivanovupdate years of copyright 1.11
2014-07-29 Damyan Ivanovbump version
2014-07-29 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with up to 31.*
2014-07-29 Damyan Ivanovswitch all URLs to https
2014-07-29 Damyan Ivanovswitch the PTS button to the new package tracker, track...
2012-10-06 Damyan Ivanovrelease 1.9 1.10
2012-10-06 Damyan Ivanovcall .init(null) on created nsITransferable instance
2012-05-01 Damyan Ivanovrelease 1.9 1.9
2012-04-18 Damyan Ivanovbump compatibility to 12.*
2012-04-17 Damyan Ivanovbump compatibility to 11.*
2012-04-17 Damyan Ivanovrelease 1.8 1.8
2012-04-17 Damyan Ivanovstrip "Bug#" from keyword start
2012-01-23 Damyan Ivanovadd HomepageURL to install.rdf
2012-01-23 Damyan Ivanovshorten and streamline the description
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovrelease 1.7 1.7
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovadd TODO file to the package
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovadd a Makefile
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovbuild: create .png files from the master .xcf
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovadd security-tracker button
2012-01-20 Damyan Ivanovadd a button showung buildd logs
2012-01-10 Damyan Ivanovbump version 1.6
2012-01-10 Damyan Ivanovadd a button for querying DDPO
2012-01-10 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with Firefox 10
2011-09-15 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with FF 6
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovremove ML button TODO (done)
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovnew button for searching mailing lists by msgid
2011-05-21 Damyan IvanovtrimWord: simplify cleaning
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovmark compatible with FF 5.*
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovadd type element, fixes a validation warning
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovinstall.rdf: convert attributes to sub-elements
2011-05-21 Damyan Ivanovinstall.rdf: convert attributes to sub-elements
2011-01-31 Damyan Ivanovadd TODO
2011-01-20 Damyan Ivanovfurther changes to avoid a validation warning about...
2011-01-20 Damyan Ivanovbump version to 1.4
2011-01-20 Damyan Ivanovbump the year of copyright
2011-01-20 Damyan Ivanovencapsulate all functions in a single global object
2011-01-20 Damyan Ivanovglobal object Debian -> IceDeb
2011-01-04 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with 4.0.* 1.3
2010-07-12 Damyan Ivanovbump version to 1.2 1.2
2010-07-12 Damyan Ivanovbump years of copyright
2010-07-12 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with version 4.0
2010-04-06 Damyan IvanovBulgarian translation for labels 1.1
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovbump version to 1.1
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovextend description
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovadd Bulgarian translation
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovuse localized strings for button labels and tooltips
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovadd bg-BG locale declaration
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovadd locale DTD
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovremove dummy overlay definition
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovadd en-US locale
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovmove extension content to content/
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovinstall.rdf: remove seemingly unneeded <em:file>
2010-04-06 Damyan Ivanovdeclare compatibility with 3.6.*